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Bath County Sun Room


Hello, it’s Mary Jean,

Valeta and I have been so busy with multiple design jobs that we haven’t been very good about keeping in touch with you.  However, today I’m going to show you how one of these jobs has gone and how it might inspire you.

The Project

The clients have just enclosed a deck in their family vacation home and needed complete furnishings quickly.  The room is about 13 feet wide by 30 feet long, presenting interesting challenges.  It has vaulted ceiling components, huge windows (one with French doors) on three sides, and large openings to a family room and a dining room on the long interior wall.                        porterfield-door-and-window

HunterDouglas to the Rescue

The family didn’t want to lose their great outdoor views with elaborate window treatments but needed light and privacy control.  HunterDouglas’s Silhouette shades  proved the ideal solution.  When rolled up, they disappear into the matching woodwork.  Rolled down with the vanes open, they soften any glare, and with the vanes closed, they provide appropriate seclusion.

Division = Multiplication

The house is often used by three generations together, so this “bowling alley” space had to have maximum seating and flexibility.  Dividing the room into two sections actually made it seem twice as spacious. The         dsc01496

end adjacent to the family room became a gracious seating area with a large Wesley Hall sofa  against the end window wall and a narrower facing sofa effectively separating the room without blocking the pathway or view.  A low-backed swivel arm chair completes the area in perfect scale.  At the room’s other end is a round Canal Dover table and chairs for game playing or overflow dining.  Each of the two divisions is delineated by a Stanton wool sisal rug from the Tierra Collection.


Finding Inspiration

Every room needs a unifying concept, whether color-scheme, collection, or artwork.  In this case, the wooded view right in front of us became the inspirational theme.  A great leafy fabric on the swivel chair and sofa pillow provides the start of a multi-green and neutral color palette, which continues with a ribbed tonal green fabric on the dining chairs and a green binding on the sisal rugs.  Warm wood finishes and a few textural accessories complete the look.  Just “remember your favorite things” when you are looking for a fresh design idea!  See you soon!